Our New Studio Location!

It's been a rocking summer so far and today I'm proud to announce our new studio location over at The 9 Studios at 9 Bleecker St. here in SoHo. We wanted to make a change in order to provide our clients with the absolute best environment for creating their headshots. I chose The 9 due to it's proxmity to many of my favorite outdoor locations as well as variety of space options for indoor sessions. There are several indoor options as well as rooftop and fire escape access. I think it'll allow for some pretty amazing shots, especially for my actor clients!

Since the space is open 24/7 it will also allow us to extend session times to 7PM as well as offer weekend sessions! Woot woot!

If interested in booking a session, check out our rates page and when you're ready to book reach us through the contact page.

Here's to our new space and the continuation of our photographic journey! Onward and upward!