Have a question or concern? You’ll probably find the answer here. If you’re question isn’t listed, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to answers any questions you have.

How do I book you?
First, visit the Rates & Info page to get package and booking information. Once you've decided on the package you'd like, visit the Booking Page to book your session online right through the website. Or, if you prefer, send me a message through the Contact Page. I'll respond promptly and we'll get you scheduled!

Do you accept walk-ins?
No. All sessions are by appointment only.

Do you photograph children?
I do, but only teenagers ages 13 and up.

Do you do passport photos?
No. A "headshot" isn't the same thing as your ID or passport photo. Check out your local post office for those type of photos.

Will I receive all the photos from the session?
Yep, you'll receive all the originals from the shoot as high-res JPEGs for printing and web-sized for using online.

How will I receive the photos?
You'll be able to download make all your headshots via WeTransfer or Dropbox. They’ll be available for download up to 14 days, so you’ll want to download them quickly.

Do you shoot in a studio or outdoors?
I do both! Whenever the weather is good we’re available to shoot your session outdoors, but we can also work indoors to give you a completely different look. It’s great to have variety from your session, especially for actors looking to build a comp card!

What is a look?
A look is a wardrobe or location/background change. You may add or take away smaller articles of clothing such as glasses or a jacket without it counting as a different look. Additionally, if you wish to shoot both indoors and outdoors, that would be considered 2 looks. Keep this in mind when determing how to split up your session.

How far in advance should I book you?
It's generally best to book about 7-10 days in advance. However, slots frequently open up so feel free to send me a range of dates/times and I can let you know availability.

How long is a headshot session?
Sessions last anywhere from 1-2.5 hours depending on the package you've selected. Add an additional hour if you require makeup/hairstyling. Sometimes sessions wrap up quickly if we feel we have the shot and sometimes they go a bit longer as we work through to find that winning image. Don’t worry, I won’t be watching the clock as we shoot! I want to give you a reasonable amount of time for your session so you never feel rushed.

Is hair and makeup included?
Hair and makeup isn’t included in the session fee. It’s a separate charge and paid directly to the makeup artist. She accepts cash and payment through Venmo. Totally worth it.

Is retouching included?
Each package includes a number of retouched headshots. However, if you’d like to order additional retouching, the fee is only $50 per image. And if you purchase 2 retouched images you’ll receive an additional 1 free. I’ll retouch any imperfections, even out your skin, do color correction, soften wrinkles, and clean up flyaway hairs making sure you look your absolute best!

How many images will I receive?
While I don’t go into sessions with a set number of images in mind, on average I take around 50-100 images per look. So based on the package you’ve selected, multiply that figure by the number of changes included in the package to give you an idea of how many images to expect.

Where do you shoot?
My studio is based in SoHo. For outdoor sessions, I shoot in locations within close proximity so we don’t have to walk too far. For my corporate clients, I’m also available to come to your office for an additional fee.

What should I wear?
It’s always best to keep your wardrobe simple. Avoid tops with bold patterns, prints, frilly areas around the neckline and shoulders, and anything that makes you look bulky. Layered clothing is okay. Just make sure your clothing compliments your form and doesn’t make you look heavier than you really are.

Solid colors work best for headshots, but avoid colors that are way too bold like neon green. The main goal is to not allow your clothing to distract from you. Most importantly, bring lots of options. Bring a suitcase if you have to, then we’ll select your wardrobe once you arrive.

And if it helps, feel free to look at the different headshot galleries to get an idea of what previous clients have worn. That may give you a bit of inspiration! I'll also send more detailed wardrobe tips upon booking.

Should I hire a makeup artist?
For both men and women, 9 times out of 10, I say yes. My makeup artists will help you look your absolute best and use techniques you probably wouldn’t if doing makeup yourself. They’ll take your headshots to the next level! And it’s always great to have someone on set to handle the details to make sure you always look stunning!

Can I bring my own makeup artist?
If you’re in need of makeup, I do require you to use one of my makeup artists. My makeup artists understand in great detail how I work and how to apply makeup that will not only make you look great, but will also photograph well with the lighting and techniques I use. In the past, clients have used their own makeup artists with less than stellar results. Trust me, use one of my makeup artists and you won’t be disappointed!

Where should I get my headshots printed?
You should have your headshots printed by Reproductions.

How do I view my headshots after the shoot?
Within 48-hours after your shoot you’ll receive access to a private online gallery. Here you will be able to view your images and make selections for retouching and printing. Feel free to share this gallery with your agent, colleagues, friends, and family.

Can I bring a guest?
Sure! If it will make you feel more comfortable and you won’t be distracted, you may bring a guest with you.

What is your policy for cancellations and/or rescheduling?
Deposits and session payments are non-refundable, but can be applied to a shoot at a later date if you reschedule in time. All requests for rescheduling must be done at least 72 hours before your session date. Failing to do so, will result in a forfeiture of payment. If you must reschedule last minute, you may pay a $50 rescheduling fee to avoid losing your payment completely.

Are you really Batman?
Just seeing if you’re paying attention…and I can not answer that question. ;-)