Our New Studio Location!

It's been a rocking summer so far and today I'm proud to announce our new studio location over at The 9 Studios at 9 Bleecker St. here in SoHo. We wanted to make a change in order to provide our clients with the absolute best environment for creating their headshots. I chose The 9 due to it's proxmity to many of my favorite outdoor locations as well as variety of space options for indoor sessions. There are several indoor options as well as rooftop and fire escape access. I think it'll allow for some pretty amazing shots, especially for my actor clients!

Since the space is open 24/7 it will also allow us to extend session times to 7PM as well as offer weekend sessions! Woot woot!

If interested in booking a session, check out our rates page and when you're ready to book reach us through the contact page.

Here's to our new space and the continuation of our photographic journey! Onward and upward!

Actor Headshots: Parrish Salyers


Stunning image from a recent session I did with actor Parrish Salyers. He came all the way from out of state for a session while he's doing an awesome internship for the summer. We had a fun time during this shoot, doing both studio and outdoor options. This one was one of my favorites from the session. Love the colors, location, and his expression really completes it. As I often tell my actor clients, "The eyes have it!", and Parrish nailed it for this shot. 

Look out for him!

Actors: Where should you get your headshots printed?

This is a question I get asked quite often. In my experience, the absolute best place to have your headshots printed is Reproductions, especially for my New York Headshot clients. Located in Midtown, Reproductions provides printing, retouching, and even demo reel services. When it comes to printing you can't discredit the use of a professional lab to handle your work. For headshots this is vitally important as the print you hand a casting director can often make or break your first impression. No point in spending hundreds of dollars on those awesome headshots, only to skimp out on getting quality prints done.

A low quality print will often have muddy, washed out colors and printed on a flimsy paper stock. A high-quality print, on the other hand, has vibrant colors, rich shadow areas, and feels solid on a high-quality paper stock. Reproductions does this and more. In addition to printing, they can also handle the layout and cropping of your image which includes putting your name on your headshot. If you'd like your resume on the back of your headshot, they offer an option for that as well. Whatever print related needs you have they have you covered and the customer service is top notch. Trust me, I've worked with several labs in the city over the years and they are by far the best for printing headshots.

Check our their website, www.reproductions.com, to get pricing and additional info regarding this friendly and Professional(with a capital P) print lab.

How Many Looks Do I Need?

So you're in the market for professional headshots in NYC? You've taken a look at samples of my actor headshots or corporate headshots and you're about ready to book your session. But how many looks do you need? Well, it depends on what your focus is and where you are currently in your career. Both my actor and business clients have very specific needs and I always look to cater sessions to fit their unique needs. Deciding on the number of looks beforehand will ensure you're getting the most out of your shoot.

How many looks does an actor need?
For actors, two Looks is what I consider the absolute minimal for professional headshots in NYC. Actors need to showcase their versatility(or type) and are often going out for a variety of roles. It helps if you have two headshots to choose from when you get ready to send your headshot out or attend a casting. Depending on the role you're going out for, one of your headshots may serve you better than the other. If you only have one, you'll be extremely limited. I want you to succeed, so two looks is what I'd recommend as an absolute minimum.

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New York Headshots vs. Los Angeles

Ah, New York Headshots versus headshots in Los Angeles. Working as a headshot photographer for the past 6 years, I've learned there are big differences between what are considered acceptable actor headshots in NYC and what is considered acceptable in Los Angeles.

Acting headshots in New York tend to primarily focus on you. YOUR personality and how you come across in your headshot. Are you bubbly, silly, serious, handsome, sexy, etc. Wardrobe, while important, isn't a primary factor and should only be used to enhance what is unique about your personality. For instance, if you're a handsome, yet edgy type of guy, a plaid shirt and glasses may not help that come across to a casting director. Alternatively, if you're a sexy femme fatale, dressing like a young mom will make sure your headshot falls flat. For the most part, simple tops, pants, and wardrobe that doesn't distract from you is all that's really required. The important thing is for your headshot to look like you and everything else gets out of the way to help you achieve that goal.

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