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Why The Pro Package is the Best Choice for Actors

If it were up to me, all actors would pick the “Pro” package. One of the most common questions I get from them is: “How many looks should I do?” Sure, you could do a simple 2 look session, but unless you’re a seasoned actor who REALLY knows what looks you need, I’d suggest taking advantage of The Pro. This way you can focus on a wider variety of looks in terms of character types, wardrobe, and backgrounds.

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Guest Post: How to Prep Your Skin for Headshots (Men)

As a makeup artist with over 7 years of experience doing headshots and photo shoots, I’ve seen firsthand how the skin someone shows up with dictates everything about my makeup process, from the type and amount of product I use, down to the end result. While many would like to believe that a good makeup artist can make anyone’s skin look perfect, this, unfortunately, is wishful thinking (and any retoucher can vouch for that.) Makeup can correct color (think redness, age spots, and undereye circles) but cannot correct texture (think wrinkles, bumps, and flakes.)

Many of my male clients are less than excited about wearing makeup in the first place. What if I told you that the better you take care of your skin in the days leading up to your shoot, the less I have to put on you, and the more natural it will look? Read on to see my five best tips for prepping your skin for photos.

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Guest Post: How to Prep Your Skin for Headshots (Women)

Hi there! I’m Dana and I’m here to give you some great tips to ensure your skin looks beautiful for your headshots.

Most of the women I work with for headshots fall into one of two categories: they either have a multistep skincare regime and a bunch of favorite products, or they want to keep things as simple as possible and have been using the same brand of facewash or (please no!) bar of soap since high school. As an experienced makeup artist (who may or may not also be a skincare nerd who reads cosmetic chemistry blogs for fun), I have five simple tips that will help every woman look her best in headshots.

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3 Misinformed Pieces of Advice for Actor Headshots

I had a great conversation with an actor client recently about some of the crazy things they were told in regards to acting headshots. Everyone’s an expert as they say! He hadn’t updated his headshots in about 2 years and of course some things in the industry have changed since then. According to his actor friend, he should wear black and look serious since that’s what popular for theatre at the moment. Interesting, because I didn’t get the memo. Having worked as a headshot photographer for almost 8 years now, I’ve seen trends come and go and heard quite a few inaccurate statements on headshots. I’ve put together this short little list of some of the worst pieces of advice to help you get the most from your session and maximize your look as an actor. Don’t let your session turn out poorly because you’re listening to a dozen different resources of misinformation. Fake news! Let’s begin.

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Actor Headshot Tips: Commercial Vs. Theatrical/Legit Headshots

For both beginning and seasoned actors, a great headshot can make a huge difference in getting a casting director interested in casting you for a role. In my opinion, an actor headshot serves a very simple purpose: It’s a visual tool that helps get you work. It should reflect your personality, how you fit into a role, and, while not as important, show how amazing you look. An acting headshot isn’t meant to be a vanity piece. It needs to do one thing and do it effectively: help get you work.

Now, there are two different types of actor headshots: commercial and theatrical/legit. To help you better understand them and focus your headshot session, I’ve decided to go a bit more in-depth about what they are and the differences between them.

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Actor Headshot Tips: How Much Retouching Is Too Much?

An actor client and I recently had a great conversation in regards to retouching. The feedback she received from a casting director on her old headshot was that the retouching was way too much. She had done it herself and went a little overboard to say the least. With retouching, there’s a fine line between natural and unrealistic. With all the apps out there for quick image fixes, I’ve noticed more people taking it upon themselves to handle retouching on their images. If you know what you’re doing, then I say go for it. However, if you’re a novice, I advise against it. Don’t ruin your headshot with terrible retouching.

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