A Stylish Corporate Headshot Session

Corporate Headshots in NYC - Adam

I often remind my corporate headshot clients to never be afraid to be stylish for their session. There seems to be this misconception that a corporate headshot should be very stiff and rigid. "Stand up straight, shirt tucked in, cheesy smile!" Au contraire mon frère.

Here are a couple of shots from a recent session with corporate client, Adam. He wanted something different in terms of both styling and posing. For his first look, he wanted a seated pose, then another look near a window with natural light. He picked a stylish gray suit with a nice texture and fit. I had him seated on one of the studio's stools and just told him to be his natural, charming self. This shot(above) was the result. Nothing too forced, just a handsome gent putting his best foot forward.

For the second look, Adam was positioned by my studio's window. I tend to get much more light in my studio in the early morning, so I was a bit worried it wouldn't be enough. But after taking a few test shots then adding a reflector to his right side, I knew this would result in some really strong images that are more akin to portraits than your traditional headshot. Ever the natural in front of the camera, Adam leaned against the wall and gave off his best range of expressions and poses. We decided on the following image.

Natural Light Corporate Headshots in NYC - Adam

What I liked most about this look was the lack of tie and blazer. It's a much more casual and contemporary look. Sometimes a jacket and tie can look a bit TOO corporate and put you in the mind of a financial exec. The brown belt was also a nice touch, adding a bit of color but not being overpowering. I even like the right side of his face being in shadow, which gives the images a bit more mystery and helps accentuate his facial features. If your work environment is more casual and/or youthful, consider losing the tie and going for a more relaxed look.

For men, consider losing the tie or going with a nice sweater or just a button down for your top. For women, break out that polka dot blouse you want or even shoot against one of my colorful backdrops. If your company has more rigid headshot standards that's completely understandable, but definitely consider expressing your unique personality through your wardrobe.

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