Corporate Headshot Tips: What To Wear For Corporate Headshots

I thought it only fitting to post a blog about corporate headshots today since I’ll be heading off this week to photograph a 50 people business client.

That same client had a few questions regarding what to wear and I was happy to assist with wardrobe suggestions to help them look their best for their session. Here are some tips:

  • Wear business attire. Coats and ties for men, buisness suits for women. However, if your company has a more casual image,
    then casual attire is welcome as well
  • Avoid pinstripes suits. They can confuse the camera lens and draw attention away from your face
  • Keep jewelry small and simple. Chunky or large jewelry is often distracting or can reflect the light in weird ways
  • Avoid beige and brown as muted colors come across visually less powerful
  • Avoid bright colored jackets, but bright undershirts are great for an accent color to make your photo really pop
  • Choose primary colors for ties and accents. Small patterns for ties are okay
  • If you wear glasses, wear them for your photo if you have anti-reflective coating. If not, it helps to remove them

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