Actors, Think Twice Before You Get Those Cheap Headshots

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for!” on numerous occasions right? Well your acting headshots are no different.

There are literally dozens of headshot photographers in NYC, all offering a variety of services as well as rates. Some are on the astronomically high-end and others are on the cheap “Headshots for $100!” end. While I won’t tell anyone where to spend their money, I will advise that taking a chance and going with cheap headshots can be a big mistake, especially for actors. Time is money and the acting world moves fast. You don’t want to miss out on landing an audition during pilot season because you went with those cheap and fast headshots that were ultimately ineffective.

And besides, when are headshots ever quick if done right? Never!

If you’re rushing the process and trying to penny-pinch you’ll end up spending more money and time than you wanted to in the first place. Your headshots are a marketing tool to help you secure auditions as well as match your picture to descriptions in the breakdowns. These facts alone make them more than simply a picture of you.

Often times, the photographers offering headshots for dirt cheap are focused on volume and are shooting an assembly line of clients. They usually won’t have the time to spend with you to go over your goals and make sure you’re getting headshots that truly reflect you as an actor. You want to put your best foot forward and that comes from hiring a headshot photographer who cares about your success and can give you that individualized attention you deserve.

Remember, you have control over your headshots. You can do the research and select the best options for you. Choose a photographer you click with(hopefully me!!!). Take your time and figure out how to effectively market yourself as an actor. But above all, don’t waste money on headshots just because they were cheap. As the old saying goes, “You buy cheap, you buy twice.”

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